{marketing} branded christmas cards & customer appreciation

i just finished setting up a photo contest over at my little biz - i am asking people to enter their favorite digital photos which i will then use to create fabulous christmas cards. i want to show people that they don't need to have a 'studio portrait' or even a family photo to create something fun for christmas, but also i really love doing creative things for christmas cards and want to spread the love!

anyhow, that got me thinking. i recently shared on facebook this post with some creative branded cards for halloween and this post about boosting your business with christmas cards and i have made my own branded thank you cards and gift tags/mini-cards (i use these for so many things). i love creating cards and new designs and i am wondering if i could help a few of you.

here is a bit of a description of the types of cards i make: 

  • christmas cards, thank you cards, gift cards/swing tags
  • A5 1/2 fold cards, 6x18 tri-fold cards, 3x4 inch mini-cards, 4x6/5x7 flat cards
  • room to include a personalized message or leave it blank to handwrite your own
  • print them yourself at home, have them printed at a local digital printer/photo printer, order prints from me 

my idea is to adapt the concept of the photo cards i make in my little biz to create branded cards that will help you out with your little biz. if you are interested in taking me up on this offer, send me an email with a description of the type of card you might like to have and what you wish to use it for, along with a logo image so i can see what your biz 'looks' like. 

i will be able to help 5 little businesses come up with some creative branded cards for the christmas season, and all i ask in return is that i can share the designs here and on my own little business site.

i look forward to hearing from you =)