do you have a DIY mindset?

do you DIY when it comes to your biz? there are so many jobs to do: branding, marketing, product-testing, pricing, accounting, website building, copywriting, advertising, networking, sales... and that is on top of making the thing you sell! my approach to building my biz has very much been DIY. i am wondering if this is a common mentality amongst biz mums, or am i the only one? and i am wondering where that DIY mindset comes from.

is it because:

~ we aren’t making much money (yet!) so don’t want to hire others to do jobs we can do ourselves

~ we need to prove to the world we can do this, so we tackle every job ourselves

~ we are women and mums and used to doing a multitude of tasks, so why not add some more

~ it can be intimidating hiring people to do these jobs for us, it feels a bit like being a tiny (really tiny) fish in a big sea of bigger businesses than ours

~ we don’t know (yet!) if our idea is going to take off, so don’t want to spend money getting a job done in case it doesn’t work out

i think there are some real benefits to DIY:

~ you get to learn in depth about each aspect of building your biz

~ you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and about the things that really excite you and the things that don’t

~ you have a real sense of accomplishment that you have created this awesome thing from the ground up, on your own!

but there are also some downsides to DIY:

~ it takes time. a lot of time. to research, read, learn, ask questions, research more, try and try again.

~ if the task you are working on is out of your skill set or comfort zone, it can leave you feeling frustrated and drained

~ if you haven’t done an excellent job it can negatively impact your biz: ie it can give you an unprofessional image, or it could backfire not actually help your biz at all.

i have learnt that there are some things i love doing. some i do not. there are some things i am good at, some i am not. and there is still a long list of tasks i mean to get to, but i never seem to have enough time for. i plan to keep my DIY mindset (it is what got me here in the first place!) but i think a goal for 2011 might be to hire some pros to do some of my jobs for me.

what do you think? do you tend to DIY when it comes to your biz or do you hire out? why is that? what jobs do you like doing? which would you love to hire someone to do for you (if your budget would allow)? should mums DIY or should they hire out? i would love to hear from you! =)