your job is to shine. not to be perfect.

your job is to shine. not to be perfect.

are you a perfectionist? do you maybe have a bit of a perfectionist streak somewhere?

perfectionist: a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.

it can come in to play in many ways in your biz, and it’s not inherently a bad thing. i think it is good to have high standards – to want to put your best work out there.

the trouble is when we don’t let ourselves put something out there if it is not perfect, or worse… if we measure our self-worth by an unobtainable idea of perfection.

it’s the whole “it’s not good enough/i’m not good enough” fear manifesting itself in our biz through perfectionism.

and it’s the stuff that can get in the way of you shining your light in this world. so what do you do?

keep taking little steps

keep taking little steps

last week i wrote about how this lighthouse building stuff is hard work sometimes

this journey that we are on pushes us outside our comfort zone. we have to grow in ways we never could have predicted. 

not only that, there is so much to learn, and so many jobs that need to get done.

some days it feels scary. some days it feels overwhelming. and some days it feels like you work and work and work and you just aren’t getting anywhere.

like you’re going in circles.