does this sound like you?



the new 2015 edition, bizplantastic workbook was created just for you! it is the perfect mix of instruction, ideas, inspiration, and flexibility: your biz, your plan, your way. planning will help you take your vision and make it a reality, and that is what i really want for you. i want your biz to shine in 2015!


bizplantastic takes you through the entire planning process from start to finish:

  • reflecting on what you've done so far
  • honing in on your vision & gaining clarity
  • setting goals & creating intention
  • choosing strategies - product, brand, marketing, sales, and business admin
  • creating plans - year, month, week, day
  • managing tasks, projects, marketing activities, content creation, tracking & more

the workbook includes:

  • instruction, ideas, and examples that you can pick and choose from, and easily apply to your biz
  • inspiration to help you stay focused and get excited about your plans
  • now with 17 printable planners, organizers, and brainstorming sheets that you can customize & use in multiple ways (along with ideas for exactly how to use them in YOUR biz!)

note:  the workbook is a PDF download - so you can print it out so that you can jot down your ideas as you go, or you can read it on a device (and just jot down your ideas in a notebook.) the printables are placed at the end of the workbook so you can simply just print those pages - they are also linked as separate downloads so you can save them individually on your own computer and just print out the ones you want to use, when you need them, or use them online with adobe acrobat or cutepdf ( a free pdf editor). 

grab the bizplantastic workbook now and start turning your awesome ideas into actionable plans - make 2015 YOUR year!