thanks for visiting build a little biz! as you may have figured out, i am on a mission...

i don't just want to help you build your micro-business (there are plenty of 'business tips' out there, right?) i want to help you make it SHINE. to not just sell a product but to find your passion, to share it with the world in a way that is authentic, to be of genuine service to others, to have FUN doing biz.

and if you are here i hope that means you want that too. we can start a little biz revolution! though we may be building micro-businesses, often on our own from home, the work we do is not *little*. it matters. and it is our job to share it with the world. to let it SHINE.

be a biz STAR. show your customers that you care deeply and genuinely about serving them. share with your fans the passion that you have for your work. believe in your own value and celebrate your purpose! invite other business owners to join you in building something so much bigger than a little biz.

here's how:

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share it with your fans along with your personal story. try starting with: i am on a mission to... my promise is... i believe that...  


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2014 vision worksheet and image templates


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