don't just build a little biz. make it shine! this is my mission... 

let's get one thing straight. when i say "little" i am not referring to how new your biz is, how much money you make, or how important it is. 

little means micro - as in "micro-business owner".

maybe you have a partner, maybe you have a small team, maybe it is just you in your kitchen.... no matter what, i know that this is your baby.  this is your dream. your passion. and those things are BIG. 

i know that you are doing this because you want freedom and flexibility in your life, and in your biz.

i know that you are in this for more than the money. you want to feel fulfilled by the work you do. you want to build something that matters... to you and your customers.

and i know that you want to have FUN with your biz, you want to feel excited about the work you do.

i know this because i want these things too. and just like you, my goal is to make this my biz SHINE.

i want to stand out. i want to be a beacon of light for my right people. and you know what? i want to kick some ass - i really want to freedom, flexibility and fulfillment that success offers. 

and i want that for you too! 

i am a teacher. i love teaching strategies to micro biz owners, my goal is to make things just 'click' for you! i am always working on new workshops & new workbooks that are helpful, actionable, and inspiring.

i am a visual marketer. i love creating and sharing visual content and am always looking for ways to help you amplify your brand, stand out, and wow your fans using visual marketing.

i am a brainstormer and an unstucktor. i love coming up with new ideas for your biz and love to help you get unstuck, gain clarity, and find the fun in your biz again.

oh! one more thing. as you can see, i never use capitals when i write. i got tired of trying to make my writing fit what i thought everyone else thought it should be. i decided to just be me. i like being me.

you can read more about that decision here if you like. i guess it is my own little way of questioning the rules and exerting some badassness in my life! i hope i can encourage you to do that too.

i started out my *biz journey* as a middle school science teacher! then i had babies and moved to the other side of the world (i am a canadian living in australia)  and though i didn't want to go back to my teaching career i wanted something that was just for me.

i was interested in photography and design so in 2008 i started a family photography business. then in 2010 i started the build a little biz blog as a place to share what i was learning about business. it's the teacher in me: i have an insatiable desire to learn everything i can about a topic and then teach everyone what i am learning.

last year i shut the doors on my photography biz and decided to make build a little biz my full time business. i started talking about visual marketing as a business strategy (not just something photographers do!) and started offering my design services to micro-business owners.

i also embraced my teaching roots and started creating workshops and workbooks that would help women in business learn marketing strategies that are authentic, successful and fun.

i found my spark. and i want to help you find yours... i want to help you make your biz shine!


karen gunton | | 0404240050